Welcome to Online Registration

for a Player Pass to Attend a Tournament!

If you do not currently play in a league and wish to attend a sanctioned tournament that requires a player pass, 

 you may purchase a single event pass for each tournament for $15.



NC TEAMS: If you played in Beer City Cup or Celebrate the Tatas and do not belong to a NCASA league, you will need to purchase a Tournament Only Pass and then return to the rostering link for NC TEAMS.

OUT OF STATE TEAMS: Any unregistered players will need to purchase the Tournament Only Pass and then return to the rostering link for OUT OF STATE TEAMS if you haven't already rostered.

ROSTERING LINKS are found on the CAROLINAS CUP registration page.


Please email ncasa2@ncsoccer.org with any questions or issues.

If you are NOT currently playing with an sanctioned league or registered with an affiliated state association or USASA you will need to purchase a Carolinas Cup Tournament Only Pass for $15.00.

Click the button above to purchase your Tournament Only Pass. (for unregistered players only)

IMPORTANT: choose CAROLINAS CUP in the 2nd drop down menu

Usernames & Passwords that you use in the other states' registration systems will not work here. They must be unique to the NCASA registration system.

1A. If you already have an Account in the NCASA registration system (you should have one if you have gone through the rostering process before) - Enter the Username and Password, you originally created and click LOGIN. 

If you need help with your Username and Password, please contact ncasa2@ncsoccer.orgWe need to avoid creating duplicate problematic accounts. 

OR 1B. If you have never created an account in the NCASA registration system, select CREATE AN ACCOUNT (NOTE: passwords must be precisely 7 or 8 characters only, no more, no less, have one UPPER case letter, one lower case letter and a number.  For example: Soccer1 or Soccer21)

2. Next, click ADD SELF TO TEAM

3. Check the box for PLAYER only, player information will populate for existing accounts, or you will input your information for new accounts.

4. Click the First Photo Icon Box; Player photo and driver's license will pop up for existing accounts. If your driver's license fails to load, you will need to upload it again in the Second Photo Icon Box. (Instructions for uploading photos are above)

5. Once you have added all information, Click SAVE at the bottom of the page.

6. The system will prompt you to fill in any missing required information and click SAVE again.

7. Click CONTINUE and check the waiver box.

8.  Select the checkbox for the Waiver and click AGREE & CONTINUE

9. Next you will be prompted to pay for the $15 tournament only player pass.

10. After you enter your payment information, be sure to click CONTINUE to get your payment confirmation email.



If you plan to attend two or more tournaments in a calendar year, we recommend that you purchase an annual pass for $30.  The NCASA Annual Pass will expire on December 31st each year.

Please wait until Jan 1, 2022 to purchase the Annual Pass.


Please email ncasa2@ncsoccer.org

with any questions or issues.